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Centimeter for centimeter (inch for inch), concrete paving blocks are stronger (49 N/mm2 minimum) and more durable than conventional paving materials. Concrete paving blocks can handle the weight of heavy construction equipment or fully loaded tractor-trailers. So you have a product with an exceptionally long life.


Concrete paving blocks have less than 5 per cent absorption, which is considerably lower than both asphalt and poured concrete. This provides for substantial resistance to oil and salt, the most common destructive agents to the life and appearance of paving surfaces.


Concrete paving blocks are available in a variety of shapes and colours, an endless number of beautiful patterns and designs can be created which simply cannot be done with asphalt or poured concrete.


The installation of concrete paving blocks requires neither the specialized equipment nor the intensive skilled labour of asphalt and poured concrete installations. Interlocking tiles are easy to lay and can be fixed easily in large or small projects by inexpensive equipment and semi-skilled labour. These tiles can also be easily removed and reinstalled later at the same place or elsewhere.


Concrete paving blocks requires far less maintenance than other paving materials. The strength and durability of concrete paving blocks eliminate costly patching and surfacing. Coloured concrete paving blocks make it possible to create mosaics for parking space lines and directional signs, thereby eliminate painting.


Unlike asphalt and poured concrete, concrete paving blocks can be removed for access to underground utilities and reinstalled after repairs are completed.


Concrete paving block remains cooler than asphalt and poured concrete in summer making it the ideal choice of parks, patios,swimming pools perimeters and pedestrian areas.


Concrete paving blocks can be installed any time of the year, in practically any type of climate. Unlike asphalt and concrete, concrete paving blocks do not require favorable weather and temperature for successful installation. This helps avoid costly construction delays.


Kerbstones are available in cement colour, red, black, yellow and other colours can be manufactured as per customers choice.The BS 340 it was first published in 1928 and revised in 1936. 1950, 1963 and 1979 R18 34.Our range of Kerbstones are designed to complement your block paving and at the same time serves as an ideal, attractive and versatile edge restraint. Extensive engineering and a good selection of components make this an exceptional bonding unit for paving blocks.


This is one unique product that has literally cemented its place in the construction industry. Concrete blocks are widely considered ideal building material as they are fire-resistant, highly heat-resistance and provide optimum insulation. Their heat-resistance property makes them particularly preferred in the Gulf region.Concrete blocks are also highly cost effective, in comparison with traditional building material. The strength and durability of the blocks match the quality standards set by builders and contractors alike. Moreover, the blocks come in varying designs, textures and sizes to perfectly suit the requirements of architects and consultants.To ensure perfect production conditions, QPS has designed the concrete block manufacturing plant in a fully automated format. Every stage of the process from the trucking in of raw materials to the loading of the finished products, is devoid of manual operations. The curing chambers in the plant form a crucial part as they put the finished blocks through a 24-hour curing and treatment protocol to ensure product durability.